FSW Hosted E-Blasts Order Form

  • 26 Dec 2020
  • 12:01 AM
  • 31 Dec 2025


  • Available for full, life, student & sustaining members.


FSW Hosted Email Blast

E-Blast FSW member discounted fee, $25
FSW members (student, full, life, and sustaining) - log in to FSW website required for discount.

E-Blast fee, $50

Payment must be made online before the blast is sent.


  1. Hosted E-Blasts can generally be sent out in within 5 business days of receiving the formatted file, subject line and url.
  2. Maximun width should be 650 px
  3. Include blast subject line, maximun characters 50
  4. Include url for blast link
  1. Microsoft Word Document: document should contain pre-formatted text and embed images within the document with standard fonts only (Times New Roman, Arial, Helvetica).
  2. HTML File: The html document must utilize email-friendly html only (i.e. no javascript, iframes, background images, or other advanced code) and CSS styles must be inline. Please include images pre-sized and in the same directory as the html file.
  3. JPG or PNG file

Not familiar with creating your email blast content, use an app (free) such as Canva.

Link to upload E-blast content file is found on your confirmation email.

Questions: secretary@fsw.net